Abysmal Darkening

January 2003 marks the beginning of 'Abysmal Darkening'. Starting as a 'Darkened Doom Metal' outfit. No Doom as it is known for, but utter depressing, slow, torturing metal.

Towards the end of 2003, Ludas joins the band, filling the vocal position, previously left open. In may 2004 3 songs are recorded 'live' @ 013 studios.
These songs are released on the first Doomo CD-R. One track (End It) of this Doomo CD-R is also available on 'Assymetry', a compilation CD from Total Rust Music.

After a lot of line-up changes we now feel the band has really come together. Ludas took the position of drummer, replacing Chris, and his long time bandmate Kev, has joined on guitars and vokills.

The music is changing into a more 70's orientated blackened doom. Late 2009 enough tracks were finished for a full length album, which is now titled 'No Light Behind'.
No Light Behind was recorded in april 2010 and mixed in may 2010.
It was released 05-2011 on Doom label 'Total Rust Music'.

"No light Behind" is the name of long awaited full length album from this Dutch band (featuring ex-members of Bunkur together with current members of Planet Aids and Funeral Goat) that wraps seven tracks of depressive torturing Doom/Dark Metal. With unique mix between traditional doom riffing, stoner doom, elements of 70s proto-metal and some blackish influences, Abysmal Darkening managed to create a new form of audio sonic terrorrism. Transcendental, sharp, suicidal, old school music and yes, it is recommended to fans of Bethlehem, Deinonychus and even Celtic Frost and Urfaust."

Abysmal Darkening now recorded their second album, to be titled 'Sub Terra', which will be released in 2014. Expect 7 tracks of Blackened Doom Metal grandeur with some great guest vocals from Jo (Ataraxie/Funeralium) and Mike (Viscera///)

Abysmal Darkening is:

S.G.: 6-Strings

Ludas: Doombell
(Ibex Angel Order / ex-Funeral Goat / ex-SauroN)

Kev: Vokills + 6-Strings
(Ibex Angel Order / Gigatron2000 / Verbum Verus / Planet AIDS / ex-Funeral Goat / ex-SauroN / ex-Bunkur)

F.M.: 4-Strings