No Mercy 01-04-2002, 013 - Tilburg
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Sauron had the honour to open this edition of No Mercy in 013, in the small area called "kleine zaal" which has a capacity of about 350 people. That capacity was used up well by the people present already on this day and when Sauron entered the stage, thick with paint, full of aggression, they started with the first tunes of "Sauron Death Squad", which is one of their older (or should I say Ancient?) songs. There wasn`t any moshpit action during their show but there was a more than reasonable response from the audience during songs as for instance "The filth that breaths". The new songs were received, pretty well and I guess the combination of multiple ice cold vocal lines, severe Darkthrone style riffing combined with more new-school up tempo blackmetal in the vein of Marduk and War is far from bad, especially live with a "ready to crush mankind" attitude and an atmosphere that completely breaths out enthusiasm. This all was especially mentionable during the newer, more variated, songs like "A Cancer Above" and "Compulsion to Kill". This first satisfying and very promising band of today ended their set with a song called "Universe turned Necropolis". High hopes for this bands new material coming out this summer. (RL)

July 26th
Rotterdam (NL)


This was one of the Baroeg-Benefit nights to save the future of the Baroeg and surprisingly or not it was the best visited one of all Benefit nights. Over 200 people came to the venue.

Sauron was headlining this evening, since Pyaemia unfortunately had to cancel their participation. Sauron proved to be one of the growing dutch blackmetal bands. With good compositions, a brutal appearance and an upcoming full length on Dark Horizon records I foresee a bright future for these youngsters. Songs like "Sauron Death Squad", "Universe To Necropolis" and the encore "Visions of Murder" convinced me pretty well. The double vocal parts, which work out well, provide the audience audibly with enough diversity to keep it all interesting.


Oss - Groene Engel (NL)

Kicking off this concert, SauroN experienced some technical problems and major sound-troubles! To say that their sound sucked is maybe exaggerated, but it could have been a whole lot better, especially when we heard Satyricon afterwards with an excellent sound. It was really awkward, that the sound-quality could differ this much on one evening…
But all in all, SauroN ruled!! They played their highly aggressive black metal under the worst circumstances (I spoke to drummer Ludas after the show) EVER, no sound check, no food, no dressing room at all, no warming up, nothing! But still, or maybe because of this all, they played one hell of an aggressive gig!!
They can keep your attention, because of their aggressive stage-performance and dynamic songs. Plus, a drummer with only one hand is really remarkable to look at… Afterwards I received their debutalbum "Universe Of Filth" from Ludas to review, and I can tell you guys, this rocks!
Then Khold came on to the stage, with their vocalist having THE weirdest looking corpse paint! Well, that was highly entertaining. Musically it was practically all in mid-tempo, and their drummer was really trying to break some sticks. God, he was slamming hard! And why? I sure as hell didn't see the point in that…
They sounded quite atmospherical, and even a tad industrial, so their songs were quite varied, but not exactly my cup of tea. They obviously were extremely proud of their new shirts, because the singer kept on pointing at the merch-stand, mentioning that they still have them!
Sound was considerably good, stage-performance was more or less good, so all in all it was a reasonably enjoyable show. And to prove that he also had humour their front man had the following to say at the end of the gig: "One more time, Merch is that way!"
Next was Satyricon. Well not really, first some annoying gothic/ambient sounding intro of about three quarters of an hour was played!! Damn! This was really annoying the shit out of me, and Satyricon had to deliver the goods to make up for this. And they did. They absolutely did! What a great sound, what a great musicians, what a great band!!
Their sound was really good, you could hear everything perfectly, and just as loud as necessary. The musicians, apart from Frost and Satyr, were all guest-players, but hell, they did their job as if they have never done anything else, they played terrific!! And the overall feeling was just splendid, this is a band that has the capability of capturing that real (I would almost call it true…) black metal-feeling, and make a concert into a black metal heaven (hell?) with an atmosphere you can't describe, one can only feel such a thing.
It was just great, they played songs from every album, if I recall correct, although they played mostly songs of the latest two albums of course. After the normal set, they played 'Mother North' as an encore, which blew off the roof !! So Satyricon definitely lived up to all the expectations.

Concert date: 7TH OF MARCH 2004

Reviewed by Manuel on March 16, 2004. (vampire zine)

Some time ago there was a black metal line-up to admire within the confinements of De Baroeg, R'dam. SECRETS OF THE MOON, SAURON and RAGNAROK were to blaspheme this bloody Sunday. After doing my shopping at the Metal Market earlier that day - which was located elsewhere - I went straight away to Hell… and back!

After arriving just in time, SECRETS OF THE MOON began to play. The band consist of a classic three-piece and due to this small number on stage, they took full benefit when judging their sound. The trio displayed some tight setlist as the instruments were well adjusted to one another. The snare was way to soft though and not loud enough to keep up with the cymbals and the overwhelming double bass. Daevas and S. Golden (two vocalists) shifted duties in every song. Kind of HELLSPELL' "Devil's Might" when looking at the melodious licks and passages. Afterwards I asked the gentlemen of SECRETS OF THE MOON why they didn't recruited a second guitar player to fill the rhythm section. They answered that they kicked him out quite recently, because of different opinions within the band. Fair enough Germans.

The second band introduced some serious artillery black metal as they always do. The quartet that is SAURON left nothing to the imagenation and performed musical warfare. New songs were unleashed, such as 'Prey For Destruction'. Somewhere in the middle of their setlist, SAURON played a classic MAYHEM cover, namely 'Buried By Time And Dust' and this was excellent performed indeed! The mushroom cloud on top of the bass player resembled the utter destruction and havoc this Dutch band had to offer that day. Drumming black metal itself is a feat and even more so when you consider this guy only has one hand (the drumstick is attached to his wrist with some sort of duck-tape). Same snare problem occurred as previous band though.

Everyone rushed to the stage as the Norwegian RAGNAROK made their entrance. Hoest microphone was in the beginning way too soft and the same damn snare was wrecked. Slowly the vocals were reset to a better sound and resembled to the old shrieks Thyme once sang. Despite few old songs were displayed, new harsh stuff was revealed from "Blackdoor Miracle", which was released on March the 26th this year.

ZXZW Festival, 25-09-2005
Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Reviewer: Arjan Heijdens

Als de heerser van het kwaad waarnaar de band zich vernoemd heeft, heerst deze Tilburgse band vanavond. Over het publiek, over de sfeer, over hun make-up en over hun instrumenten. Sauron is een klassieke black metal band die vooral heel snel speelt en er enorm lage, akelige grunts uitperst. Dat de band geen onbekende is bij het publiek blijkt uit hun reactie. Het intro wordt meegebruld, er wordt stevig geheadbangd en de kroeg staat bomvol. De zaal lijkt eigenlijk niet echt geschikt voor een band als Sauron, want het geluid laat af en toe te wensen over. Toch spelen deze gasten de vlammen uit de hel, beloven ze het publiek rotting en verderf en komen ze er nog mee weg ook.

Staddijk - Nijmegen, 26-04-2008
Zware metalen review