SauroN resurrected from the ashes of former black metal bands Melech and the unholy Satyr project in '96. The line-up was completed in '97 and the first demotape 'Death...Tyranny...War...Blasphemy' was recorded and released in '99.
Eight months after this release, anno 2000, the self financed four track mCD "True Hate Embodiment" was recorded and released (Recorded and mixed at Double Noise studios Tilburg, mastered at Harrow studios, Losser (NL)).
This mCD resulted in a mini-tour with Carpathian Forest, Destroyer666 and Urn through the Netherlands (2001). Opening the No Mercy fest 2002, and several other gigs with international acts. Many words of praise are heard in the worldwide press. Eventually a deal with USA based 'Dark Horizon Records' became a fact.
Anno 2003, debut Full-length 'Universe Of Filth' (Recorded, mixed & mastered at Excess studios [Rotterdam, NL]) sees the darkness of this globe trough Dark Horizon Records. Releasedate: 13th of February 2003.
The release immediately resulted in an exclusive gig with Satyricon and Khold at the Groene Engel venue (NL) on the 15th of february 2003.
On the 12th of August 2003 'True Hate Embodiment' was re-released by Macabre Operetta productions from Holland on 7" vinyl. This item has new artwork and will be limited. (333 pcs.)
In 2004 SauroN signed a new deal with Dutch 'Neurotic Records'. The second full-length 'For a Dead race' (again recorded at Double Noise studios, Tilburg and mastered at Harrow studios, Losser NL), scheduled for release 21-10-2004, is the 'blackest and sickest' release so far. The sound is more pure, the vocals sicker, the songs better structured and the dedication to black metal has become more audible. Several live attacks trough Europe follow upon this release.
In July 2004 a cover from the almighty Bathory namely 'The rite of Darkness', from the album 'The Return...' was recorded for a tribute Gatefold LP titled: 'A Tribute From the Hordes to Bathory-From the Underground...For the Underground.', to be released on Black Goat Productions later in 2005. This became August 2006
2005 is also the year SauroN's working on a split 7" with Fluisterwoud. This release has been delayed several times and was spawned upon humanity in July 2006. Limited to 187 gatefold copies featuring a new track and the sickest 'Satanic Blood' (Von) cover ever.
2006 also marks the year of another deal, this time with Swedish 'Carnal Records' to record a third full length, which will be titled: The Channeling Void.
With artwork from Manuel Tinnemans and 8 tracks of blasting black metal, recorded at Double Noise Studios (Tilburg, The Netherlands) and mastered at Necromorbus Studios (Sweden) this is the worst spell so far.


Herr AIDS: Bassquakes & Throat

Sunless: Deathsaw & Throat

Ludas: Blastphemy

Eklipse: Throat & Deathsaw

1999: Death..Tyranny..War..Blasphemy (demo)
2000: True Hate Embodiment (mCD)
2003: Universe Of Filth (debut album)
2003: True Hate Embodiment (7" re-release)
2004: For a Dead Race (2nd album)
2006: Split with Fluisterwoud (7")
2006: 'Rite Of Darkness' cover on Tribute to Bathory (gatefold)
2007: The Channeling Void (3rd album)


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