Discography- mCD/7"

SPLIT 7" with Fluisterwoud, 2006

Gatefold edition, limited to 187 copies.
Normal edition, limited to 300 copies

SauroN: (Side-S)
1) Aftermath Of Perversion (Exclusive track)
2) Satanic Blood (VON cover)
Fluisterwoud: (Side-F)
1) Laat Alle Hoop Varen (new track)
2) Gitzwart In Wolvenfaam (new track)

(Wrok records / Obscure Abhorrence productions)

'True Hate Embodiment' 7" vinyl Re-release, 2003

Re-released on 7" vinyl 12th of August 2003 (with new artwork) limited to 300 copies vinyl version by Macabre Operetta Productions (RIP) from Holland.

No changes to tracklist.


Self financed, limited to 500 copies.
This item is sold-out.

1) Call to War
2) True Hate Embodiment (The supreme war)
3) Earth to Ash, Sky to Dust
4) Infernal Victory

Recorded at Double Noise studio, Tilburg (NL)
Mastered by Harry Wijering at Harrow Productions, Losser (NL)