Sauron interview for Imperiumi (Finland)

01. Your latest album was released a couple of months ago. What kind of
response have you got from that? Are you satisfied with the reviews you have

-So far the reactions have been quite good I must say, of course there will always remain those who don't like our albums or like the previous stuff more, but as long as we please ourselves with what we do the main goal is reached. As for satisfaction concerning the reviews we have had thus far I can only say that I don't really care in most cases except for the reviews in magazines we consider as being fitting for our genre, which are only few.

02. Since there are always some sort of progression, change or even
regression between the latest and previous releases, how would you compare
this album to your previous works? Do you feel that this one is definitely
the best release so far or is there something you would change now if you
had the chance?

-If one thinks of a new release that it doesn't top the previous one(s) that would be the perfect time to either quit or start thinking about it drastically, I wish most of the bands around would do that, because what use does it have to continue if you can't be fully satisfied with new releases anymore, because degression is in my opinion dissastisfaction and boredom. So also in the case of For a Dead Race I must definitely say that it is much better that it's predecessors both music- and lyricwise, although there are always certain aspects that could have been done better in sound and musicianship, but since those have also been factors that have strongly improved with every release release they will evolve naturally with the next ones.

03. The album title - For a Dead Race - is quite interesting and peculiar,
and we could guess what race you mean, but maybe you could enlight us a bit
about that?

-In your question lies a part of the answer. For a Dead Race is not a deeply philosophical title, it deals with the filth around us so proudly baptized humanity. It is what sickens us and forces us partially to be what we are and how we think about existance. One could also interpret the title as a part of a political background, but that opinion would be false. Fact is that we are racists, but towards every aspect of mankind that is. No matter what colour the filthy skin carries, only death is real and may it come with glorious waves!!!!!

04. What kind of things, ideas and visions inspired you when you were doing
this new album? If you had to pick one "key word" or theme for the album,
what would it be?

-As stated in the previous answer, it were the rats and mongrel cunts polluting us everywhere that have "inspired" us to do this album and any album before, audially this is the only way for us to express what is buried deep inside of us. Sickening fleshpiles of pus fortunately working to their own ends through wars, diseases and religion amongst others. A key word.......nothing but DEATH strikes my mind at the moment. It may not be quite original, but it is the way.

05. You deal with destruction, death, darkness and Satan with the lyrics,
which is pretty much the thing one might expect from a black metal band like
What could you tell us about these lyrics? Any particular point or highlight
track you'd like to point out?

-What is to be told about the lyrics, I think enough is said through them. It is the only way how our boiling blood is to be turned into the malady of words they have become. It is a painful process when writing them, I am constantly reminded of that which I despise, yet on the other hand they deal with things I hail and glorify as well, so that is merely devotion.
The highlights on our album are Deliverance in Blood and Salvation's Call.

06. How important role lyrics play in your music and ideology nowadays? How
important it is to you (as a band) that people can and do read the lyrics in

-I have always considered both lyrics and music to be tremendously important, lyrics to be the most essential part of it all. Music can be great, but if the message fails than to me the totality has no meaning at all, whereas the other way around might be more interesting in my opinion. Sometimes true devotion is enough to make it worth it, and that is only something to be sensed by the listener equally submitting to the matter. That is the reason why I prefer lyrics to be printed, if someone doesn't print them because he thinks that they aren't good enough (which is the only reason next to the lack of space/budget I can think of) that person is a total cunt, what then is his business doing it anyway? Those are the people polluting Black Metal into something to just entertain without knowing or ever come close to daring to know what this instrument is REALLY about.

07. The whole (worldwide) black metal scene has grown during the last few
years tremendously. How do you see the situation and the scene nowadays? Is
the world going to the right (and more satanic) direction or is this just a
big empty trend with nothing to do with real black metal?

-When talking about Black Metal there can be no trend, that IS a fact. The "entertainers" I just spoke of do NOT belong to the cult of Black Metal, they tend to make extreme music, that's all there is to it and therefore I think the BLACK Metal scene has not grown tremendously, but some precious black jewels were spawned into it's undying existance throughout the past years. To answer your question about "the scene" in general nowadays, I have to say that right now Black Metal became more and more what it was ever meant to be than ever before, some newer bands have injected the impurest of disease into my veins like an addiction devouring me, and that feeling is what seperates fanatics from whores.

08. Where do you position yourself within the black metal scene? Do you stay
in touch with different bands and smaller (underground) labels nowadays?

-When you read the answer above enough is said when I DO position myself within the Black Metal scene.
And yes we stay in touch with some individuals within it, but you make it sound like we've escaped the underground in some way, like we were in contact with it once and are completely lost, so I'll skip this one for it's irrelevance and let you reconsider.

09. Besides plain music, what is your most important message you try to
deliver? Do you think you have succeeded in this as well?

-At this point I start to think you may not understand Black Metal yourself when stating that our message would be"plain music", FUCK. Our message is repulsion, death, despair and perverting harm inflicted upon all who deserve so, the majority of this utterly raped society that is. So far I don't think that our albums have succeeded since I've never heard of harm done because of us yet but time will tell, there is still hope.

10. Looking back so far, is there something you would change in
the past? What are the most important turning-points for you as artists and
as a band during the band's existence?

-There is nothing I would have changed if i could. I still fully support everything we have spawned until now, everything you have heard so far was done in the best way we could please ourselves during that period of time and that's the way we will continue for it is the only way. There have been no turning points, but we have grown and shaped ourselves more and more throughout the years, we became better in handling our instruments and the lyrics became better reflections of what's inside of us, waiting to be unleashed. The next level is to be reached.

11. How do you see the situation of the world right now with terrorism
growing around the world, re-election of Bush in the USA and so forth? Do
you see it rather good or bad thing for yourselves?

-I fully support terrorism in every form, that's why it may have been good to re-elect Bush, that kept the rage going and revealed something terroriffic worldwide, having started it a bit with trying to impress his father intentionally with what he once tried to do during the gulf-war he brought and received death through a.o. executions, bombings and airplains being penetrated to the feeble heart of Manhattan. Mankind just got a glimpse of what it deserves, battle on!!! It is the real life movie being played with Sauron as the soundtrack.

12. What is your relationship with Satan and God?

-It was because of some recent developments of mother nature/father Satan/God that besides my personal experiences/convictions I became even more aware of a presence. The most recent being revelations translated a.o. into earthquakes and tidal waves as a punishment for massive fuckups towards our kind again brought us many deaths by a divine touch. Those things are but pieces of a puzzle which will eventually reveal a whole and those who have been given eyes to see it will be joyful in it, figure out the rest for yourself by solving the riddles that lie within the lyrical messages we feed you.

13. If you could change one thing in the world as a band (or as yourself),
what would it be and why?

-Next to selfsatisfaction it is hopelessness that has to be placed into feeble minds and I want to be the final push that causes the masses to turn into total madness and completely lose control, take as many with you as you can in your carnage, for only figures count.

14. What new bands do you like to listen to and get inspired by? What bands
or artists would you recommend to you fans?

-No new bands inspire me to do what I do although as said before some keep the madness inside me raging, but that's no musical or ideological inspiration, that's mere connection. The reason that I started to make this kind of music is because to me it is the only medium through which this message can be delivered and of course when I started this it was because I heard some bands which showed that essence to me, like Burzum, Bathory, Emperor, Darkthrone and Mayhem. I don't like namedropping myself, but since you specifically want to know the names of some of the newer bands I do listen to, here are some of them: Craft, Ondskapt, Deathspell Omega, Watain, Hell Militia, Arkhon Infaustus and Funeral Mist. They carry the plague along with them.

15. What should we expect from you in near future?

-Currently we are writing new material of which nothing is to be revealed until the time is right. Our next release will be a split 7" with our brethren of Fluisterwoud, ERE RAMPOKKEN!!! That's the only news at this moment.

16. One last question, when can we see you on stage in Finland? Feel free to
send your regards to allies, death threats to enemies and hails to the
readers - word is yours.

-Invite us and we just may come to rape your country, time will tell. Until then just please us by supporting your local terrorganisation so we can perform on the barren ashes of Finland joyful.

Thanks for your time, I hope to hear from you soon.

Jerry / Serpent -