Answers: Sunless

First of all congratulations with your new album. I guess you're pleased with the final
result as well?

Thankx! We are indeed pleased with the result of this black assault.

I didn't have a lot of criticism on "For a Dead Race" except for the sound of the snare in the fast parts. Is this something you hear a lot from other reviewers or am I just the only one who had this criticism?

There are more people who share your opinion, especially the first 10 sec. of 'For a Dead Race'. I consider it more as an ultra brutal opening of the album. I'm not in any way annoyed by the sound of the snare-drum. Look, we used no triggers for the drums this time, I think this contributes to a more honoust and aggressive approach of our goal which we had set for this album.
Overall I think you've matured a lot looking at the compositions. It's not only full speed ahead anymore and you incorporated some slower parts as well which benefits the overall feel of the album. Any comment?
We have grown as a band both lyrically and musically, and that simply reflects from this album. SauroN will always be a bit inpredictable. A song may start slow as fuck but end up in a raging spiral of madness and hatred. We really surched for the right approach to speak our minds, and the slower parts just felled as the things we needed to fullfil our madness. New doors are opened for SauroN, you might be amazed what else is gonna happen (Universe of Water: aqua-plugged 2005! Limited Edition digi-lp recorded under- water 'live' from the Tsunami- Islands!!!)

Who's actually responsible for the song writing? Just some members or is it a team effort? Does Demster for instance write his own bass-lines (which are pretty damn cool I have to say)?

Most of the music is written by Eclipse and me. Demster always creates his own approach towards our guitar-lines. But eventually and most of the times the actual song is a process of ideas from all of us.

You're now signed to Neurotic Records. Do you consider this as a good step in Sauron's career? Can you compare Neurotic with your former label Dark Horizon?

Neurotic Records is closer to home which might be considered as more practically. Besides that, Ruud has a lot of ambition and nice contacts. He's a great guy as well so we'll see what happens. It was the right thing to do for both of us. Dark Horizon didn't come with the right offer and we wanted onwards… (, no death-threats yet) .
I read Dark Horizon re-released your debut full-length "Universe of Filth" recently.

Does that mean they sold a lot of copies of the initial pressing?

I think it sold pretty well, don't know the exact numbers. I'm glad for them, don't know if we'll see any money from it though..?

All members are active in one or more bands at this moment. Does that work out without any problem or do you have conflicting agendas every now and then?

Till now no real problems occurred. And if it does happen it's just the best thing counts, who is worthy to play with. In what venue wil it be, and who else will be there? But most of the times it won't be necessary cause we all keep in contact . Besides that, we are not eager to play as much as possible with certain bands or projects, it's not meant for the living but for the death of all!

You also recorded a Bathory cover, what's the story about that?

Quorthon was still alive when 'Black Goat productions ' contacted us to contribute to this Bathory tribute . It gave a kind of a strange feeling that when we recorded 'the Rite of Darkness' from 'The Return' lp, he had already died. This resulted in a true homage to Bathory, and the song really carries the atmosphere it needed so his spirit must still be amongst us! His music has been very important and will carry forth in the music of others. For which is great can't be missed ! Don't know when the actual release date will be. www.blackgoatproductions.de

Any plans to do a tour or any other future plans you'd like to share with our readers?

We will continue with our mission to spread the sickening wrath of SauroN amongst the unworthy. No tours confirmed yet. We all are infected with work and annoyed with other obligations. But when an opportunity comes, and it feels right, we won't hesitate to create hell on stage!!!

Alright, that's it from this side. Feel free to promote Sauron some more if you like.

Allright Pim, thanx for this interview!
For every living soul on this toilet earth…(flush it!) You belong to a dead race!!!
Annihilation through Tsunami 2004