- Our third full lentgh will be titled: The Channeling Void
The full tracklist is:

1. Know my word is his
2. Crowning the swarm
3. Secrets divine
4. Council of the impious (Vicarius Filii Dei)
5. Deformed source of creation
6. The great destroyer
7. 7
8. Cognosce semitas meas

- The split EP with Fluisterwoud is available for €10,- (incl. p&p) Check contact for ordering info.
- Several gigs announced.
- VIDEO: You can now watch a video of Anima Mundi on YouTube: follow this link.

The split EP with Fluisterwoud will be released on 26-06-06. Finally!

- We will enter the Double Noise studio in July to record our 3th full length album. The mastering will be done by Necromorbus studio (Sweden).
Cover art will be done by Manuel Tinnemans. 8 tracks are written. No title is set yet.
- The 7" split is being pressed! Hopefully to be released within 1 month.

- New gig announced.

We are proud to announce that SauroN signed a new album deal with Swedish Carnal Records (Craft, Arckanum, Shaarimoth).

We parted in good ways with our former label Neurotic Records. Since our musikk evolved more in darker ways, we now found our place on an underground blackmetal label.
Again we signed for one album and it will be recorded this year. No title is set yet.

- The split with fluisterwoud is still to be released, delayed 666 times, no news yet, except for the fact that the covers are printed.
- Dark Horizon Records is working on a second pressing of our first album, Universe of Filth. The album will have new artwork.

- Posted pictures in live gallery from the attack in Eindhoven.
- Again we had to cancel a gig. Hopefully we will play in France another time this year.

- Our contact adress changed! Check contact
- We have some tourshirts left. Check merchandise

Pictures from the attacks in Austria can be seen in the live gallery section.

SAURON will team up with FLUISTERWOUD and DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT for 3 DATES IN HELL!!! The Goatriders will pillage and loot Austria for 2 dates and 1 date in the Netherlands under the name of...Blasphemous Impalement by the Unholy Trinity...
Information on the slaughter-rituals can be found in the gigs section...

- You can now order all albums for €10,- a piece. Check contact.
- Erghhh, the almost legendary, immediate, released split with the rotten corpses from Fluisterwoud will be released some day! Ain't that some news? Consider december 2005 as a works for us. Just like the Bathory tribute which will certainly be released in 2007. Or not? Pleasure doing business with you.

- We put some interviews online, check press section
- The free webstat pageview counter is responsible for the annoying pop-up which has it's appearance when opening this site.

- Added several mp3 files.

Our appearance at the ZXZW festival has changed location. We will be headlining at the 'Little Devil' venue, 23:00h., instead of the BatCave, 013.

- The tracklist of the split 7" has slightly changed. We recorded Aftermath Of Perversion and the most intense version of VON's Satanic Blood ever. A releasedate is still not set.
- Added some live dates.

Fluisterwoud will NOT play in Hoogeveen (16-07-2005). We have no news about a replacing band.

New girlies in stock. Check contact

The BATHORY TRIBUTE SAMPLER "A Tribute from the Hordes to BATHORY...from the Underground...for the Underground" will be released early June this Summer. The sampler features 25 tracks and 24 bands from 12 countries.
The cover will be drawn by Italian Lady Rock and shows a horde of black goats running across the twilight. Inside the gatefold you'll find a text written down by the initiator telling why she made this tribute and photos of Quorthon.
It will be released as a double LP on coloured vinyl. Yellow and blue vinyls for the Swedish flag. It will contain a 24 page inlay booklet including a 9 page interview the initiator had with Quorthon in May 2001 in Stockholm. Also two bands per page with photo, logo, contact and statement plus a thanks list will be added.
The LP will be limited to 1000 copies on yellow/ blue vinyl, handnumbered in blood.
SauroN will most likely open the LP with 'The Rite of Darkness'.

Added two wallpapers for download at the gallerysection. Check gallery

- SauroN and Fluisterwoud started recording two tracks for the upcoming split 7".
SauroN will perform 1 new track "Aftermath of Perversion" and 1 Live version of "Prey To Destruction".
Fluisterwoud will appear with 2 new tracks ('Laat alle hoop varen' and 'Gitzwart en Wolvenfaam').
The split will be released in a very limited amount of 187 pcs.!!!

- Live gallery update.

- Added gig in Germany.

- Added more reviews on For a dead race.
- There are plans to release a split 7" between SauroN and Fluisterwoud in a very limited amount. Check this site for updates.

- First reviews 'For a dead race' are online. Check Reviews.

'For a dead race'
is officially released.
- 'Universe of Filth' will be re-released later this year with new artwork.
Again, Dark Horizon Records will be responsible for this attack upon humanity...

- For a dead race can now be ordered before the official releasedate. Check contact or
- The name of the Bathory tribute, to be released later this year on
Black Goat Productions, changed into: "A Tribute From the Hordes to Bathory-From the Underground...For the Underground."

- For a dead race got delayed due to problems with the CD plant, here's the official statement from our label:

"The release date of SAURON's second full-length album, "For A Dead Race", has been pushed back to October 21 from the previously announced September 20. The delay is caused by manufacturing problems beyond our control."

The CD- presentation at the Little Devil 17-09-2004 will not be postponed.

- Dutch BM band MARTYR will open the CD Presentation 17-09-2004, at the Little Devil, Tilburg. The gig starts at 21:00h. and not 22:00h! Check gigs


- CD Presentation will be on Friday, 17-09-2004, at the 'Little Devil', Tilburg (NL)

- New website online
- Releasedate 'For a dead race': 20-09-2004
Mp3 preview of 'The Pestilencial March' online
- We recorded 'The Rite of Darkness' from the almighty Bathory for a Tribute to Bathory named 'Twilight of the Goats', to be released later this year by Black Goat Productions.