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Sauron "The Channeling Void" CD

Posted on Monday, February 26th, 2007

"The Channeling Void" is the third full-length from Dutch horde Sauron, and a most impressive outing it is. It could easily be argued that the inventiveness of this album is musically, visually, and lyrically comparable to the creativity bolstered by the French scene in terms of pushing the boundaries of the genre without abandoning any of its true tenets - though Sauron perhaps does so in a manner that retains a hint more of the base aggression and stylistic characteristics of its roots. The lightly acerbic yet warm and relatively crisp recording, considering its biting aggression, highlights a lot of the intricacies of the album - perhaps most notably the super tight drumming and its wealth of blazing fills and ripping blasts. But an admirably wide range of riffing styles is also present - from harsh and unrelenting speeds with a chaotically dissonant air of noisiness lingering within the distorted textures, to darker midpaced rhythms with that pulsing, pounding sort of edge. There's just a very interesting sense of detailed layering and arrangements happening here that really creates a superb balance between an outright violent base (complete with wailing, snarling, unhinged vocal outbursts) and more of a sinister atmospheric underbelly. Listening in headphones you can really get a feel for some of the clashing, grating interactions between the guitars during some of the harsher moments, while the slower tempos allow an eerie discordance to take hold as throbbing basslines become more evident. It's artistic without lacking any credibility, focused and consistent without lacking variety or vision… and that's an excellent place to be. This is actually my first exposure to Sauron, and I'm quite impressed. Well done, and certainly recommended.

1. Know My Word is His
2. Crowning the Swarm
3. Secrets Divine
4. Council of the Impious (Vicarius Filii Dei)
5. Deformed Source of Creation
6. The Great Destroyer
7. 7
8. Cognosce Semitas Meas

Running time - 45:23
Year of release - 2007
Label: Carnal Records (USA)

Metal bands often talk of war, but few actually sound like it. Amon Amarth and Bolt Thrower have built careers around war themes, yet sonically they only cover “marching off to battle.” The machine gun parts of Metallica’s “One” were controlled and clinical, which war is not; shootouts end in red and brown stains. The term “fog of war” describes the confusion of battle - uncertain identities, incomplete visibility, bad communication. Sauron’s The Channeling Void is the sound of the fog of war.

Not to be confused with Argentinian, American, or three Polish bands with the same name, this Dutch black metal band would seem an unlikely candidate for such vision. Its full-length debut, Universe of Filth, was savage and single-minded: “Here I am, get the fuck out of the way.” Its follow-up, For a Dead Race, was unfocused, though, and seemingly recorded with a boombox.

The progression on The Channeling Void is so great as to seem the work of a different band. Quite simply, Sauron has gone epic. The songs are longer and the sound is bigger; this album is like that kid in high school that came back after the summer having grown half a foot and a mustache. A dark, cinematic intro sets the stage for what’s to come - not a glorious assault, but a bloody, protracted fight. The band has slowed down somewhat, and added much variation in tempo. Blastbeats, of course, still reign supreme. But here they’re not pummeling so much as hypnotic, almost laidback. Add trudging half-time sections and midrange rasps (think Randy Blythe gone black metal), and you have an album that walks a curiously middle sonic path.

That’s not a bad thing; in fact, it increases the record’s listenability. Channeling the Void is an album to hear in its entirety. The riffs are melodic, but they’re not catchy nor immediate. Often they lie in indefinite tonalities, requiring active listening to catch their nuances. Thus, these songs aren’t war anthems; they’re sonic depictions of the heat of battle, with guts spilling and dirt flying.

The production is much to credit for this. “Grim” and “cold” are black metal buzzwords, and while the blasphemous lyrics are certainly “grim,” the overall sound is actually fairly warm. Ride and splash cymbals resonate freely, while bass lines move in fluid counterpoint to the guitars. The production is hardly polished, though; if anything, it heightens the charred, smoky atmosphere. No wonder Frodo suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.


Franang Zine (Fr)

SAURON (Hol) "The Channeling Void" CD'07. 8 tracks, 45 min. Carnal.

This third release proves that Sauron is now a serious band that stands for a B.M music without any compromise. The 8 hellish blasphemes unleashed here are without any doubts something of pure aggressiveness and fast riffing. Indeed, for start to end Sauron plays deliberately with a savage rhythm, using the blast beats on every song, which sometimes deserve them a bit actually. Sauron sounds like a mix between early Dark Funeral and Waitan, and more precisely they play what Dark Funeral should have played now if they hadn't wimped out. Their compositions are fuelled with hatred and ultra thundering vocals melted with a storming guitar wall. The clear and crystal production really helps this release to get good points here even though their music isn't that much fresh. (UK)


The Channeling Void

Carnal Records 2007

Not to be confused with the equally killer blackened thrash metal band from Detroit with the same evil moniker, these blasting black metal destroyers, Sauron come from the Netherlands. Know my Word is His starts off in a mid-tempo, almost calm sort of way and then changes gears and unleashes its hellbent fury. This is sort of a hallmark for the Channeling Void as it virtually never slows down as the band blasts its way through the album. There are a few slower parts but they always return quickly to the hellish typhoon of metal shrapnel that shreds all living flesh with its intensity such as in Council of the Impious (Vicarius Filii Dei). With that said Sauron is not what I would call a "war" metal type of band as it is not nearly as brutal and chaotic but has a colder temperament that has more in common with the Nordic bands. Also Sauron has managed to bring some near melodic passages to the surface which add another dimension to the barrage of impacting artillery riffs assaulting the unsuspecting listeners with the most memorable example occurring at slower tempos in the middle stages of 7 before continuing on at a much higher velocity to close out the track. My favorite song is Crowning the Swarm as I really like the way the main riff kid of shifts and has a distorted and disoriented feel to it. The production has added an ample layer of fuzz and distortion to the guitars and cymbals that enhances the inhumanity on display with the Channeling Void. I am immediately transfixed by the paradoxically beautiful and subtlety terror inducing cover art that blends death and geometry into one symbiotic emblem of fear. Sauron paints a horrifying image of a devastated landscape through its use of obliterating riffs and merciless drums. Life has no meaning here for me. The music is so furiously ripping that it creates a nearly exhausting and claustrophobic atmosphere with its unrelenting hyper-hostility. Sauron are lords of black metal uniting shadowed armies of undead legions to rise against the armies of the white light, just like their namesake from the Lord of the Rings classics. They wear this cloak of darkness and destruction well. (G)

SAURON (NL) - The Channeling Void
Artist: SAURON (NL)
Title: The Channeling Void
Homepage: SAURON (NL)

Schaut man nur auf den Bandnamen, würde man sofort auf eine Viking-Combo mit Tolkien-Faible tippen. Betrachtet man allerdings das Label (wo u.a. auch CRAFT und ARCKANUM vertreten sind) wird einem schnell klar, dass sich die Holländer nur einem verschrieben haben können: Old School Underground Black Metal!

Doch auch bei noch so untergrundigen Schepper-Combos gibt es von Zeit zu Zeit Entwicklungen zu bemerken. So geschehen beim dritten Album von SAURON, bei welchem man doch leicht vom Gaspedal gegangen ist. Dies bedeutet nicht, dass man nun verweichlicht wäre. So ballert einem z.B. „Crowning the Swarm“ ganz klassisch kalt schrebbelnd, mit Maschinengewehr-Drums, fiesem Krächzen und einigen typisch nordischen Melodien mächtig den Schädel von den Schultern. Anders dagegen der Opener „Know my Word is his“, welches mit einem düsteren Chor-Intro beginnt. Schleppende, BURZUM-lastige Riffs und lang gezogener, düster-rauer Gesang verstärken die beängstigende Atmosphäre, welche sich dann in der brutalen mittleren Passage entlädt, um zum Finale schließlich wuchtig und hörbar stolz den Triumph zu feiern. Doch dieser epische Einfluss reicht SAURON noch lange nicht. So schleicht sich z.B. bei „Deformed Source of Creation“ sogar so etwas wie Groove in das an sich fett ballernde Black Metal-Monstrum.

Doch keine Angst, ihr Szene-Puristen. Herr Aids & Co. sind weiterhin old school as hell. Denn auch wenn die Entwicklung spürbar und hörbar ist, nimmt sie keinerlei Einfluss auf die eigentliche Gesinnung der Jungs. Der brutale Sound ist weiterhin präsent. Kalt schrebbelnde Riffs, nicht ganz sauber abgemischtes Schlagzeug, brutaler Gesang und eine Produktion, die einer norwegischen Schwarzkittel-Kapelle mehr als nur würdig wäre. „The Channeling Word“ zeigt damit deutlich, dass Underground, Old School und Weiterentwicklung keine unvereinbaren Faktoren sind!

Fafnir (05.03.2007) (G)

... mit Vollgas gegen Kirche und Kreuz.

Die Niederländer von Sauron dürften im europäischen Black Metal-Untergrund eigentlich längst kein unbeschriebenes Blatt mehr sein, so kann das Quartett in seiner mittlerweile 10jährigen Geschichte auf unzählige Auftritte u.a. Carpathian Forest, Destroyer666, Satyricon und Khold, sowie die Opener-Position bei den No Mercy-Fetivals 2002 zurückblicken.

Im Rücken ein Demo, eine MCD und ihr Debüt-Album "Universe of filth" greift die Formation nun mit ihrem neuen Album "The channeling void" erneut an.
Musikalisch dominiert kalte Finsternis die sich meistens im Hochgeschwindigkeitssektor bewegt, jedoch nie zur unkontrollierten Raserei verkommt. Damit das ganze nun aber keine Langeweile aufkommen lässt, verschleppen Sauron das Tempo immer wieder geschickt durch diverse Rythmuswechsel und punktuelles drosseln der Geschwindigkeit.
Gefördert wird die apokalyptische Stimmung des Albums zusätzlich durch den typischen Black Metal-Gesang, der jedoch eher an einen knurrenden Wolf, als an das übliche keifen erinnert.
Verspielt, romantische Elemente sucht man hier vergeblich. Die vorwiegend riff-orientierten Songstrukturen reduzieren auch die melodischen Momente auf ein Minimum. Was sich hier vielleicht etwas nach einem weiteren Marduk-Plagiat anhört ist tatsächlich allerdings eine äußerst eigenständige Kreation, die auch maßgeblich von einem sehr druckvollen und dennoch sehr modernen und kaltem Sound unterstützt wird.
Was wäre jedoch eine Plattenkritik ohne vorgetragene Kritik. So muss ich leider an dieser Stelle anmerken, dass die, von vielen Lesern sehr geschätzten, Hochgeschwindigkeitsattacken leider auch dazu führen, das dem gesamten Silberling ein wenig an Griffigkeit verloren geht, was ein endloses rotieren im CD-Player langfristig verhindert.
Inhaltlich zeigt man sich sicherlich wortgewandt, allerdings weniger innovativ. So spiegeln sich in den Texten ausnahmslos Themen des klassischen, biblisch beeinflussten Satanismus wieder. Es geht also um den großen Gegenspieler, den Lügner und Zerstörer. Das soll jedoch kein echter Kritikpunkt an sich sein, sondern lediglich eine Information zur Kenntnisnahme.

Ein sicherlich mehr als gelungenes Highspeed-Black Metal-Album, das wenig Wünsche offen lässt. Lediglich ein wenig mehr Atmosphäre anstatt von derben Blast- Attacken. Aber reinhören lohnt sich auf jeden Fall.

Punkte (Innovation): 3 von 15
Punkte (Gesamt): 12 von 15

Behindtheveil/ (UK)

The Channeling Void
(Carnal Records)

Sauron comes from Holland and they have so far a decade in the underground metal scene with several demos and 7” releases. So far they have released two albums in two different labels. “The Channeling Void” is their third album released last month through their new label; this time from the Swedish Carnal Records. Musically the band walks in black metal paths but they try to be more aggressive, rawer and more extreme than the usual. So in their third attempt, their music is more blasting with more sick vocals and definitely an underground feeling throughout the whole album. In all these eight songs and the forty five minutes Sauron has given us their personal vision of unholy black metal. Definitely the fans of extreme black metal, without many melodies and stuff like that, will adore Sauron’s “The Channeling Void”.

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Aardschok (NL)

The Channeling Void
Carnal Records / Displeased

This band from Tilburg releases his third full length. Remarkably this band has had three labels during this period of time. Their 2003 debut album was released by USA based Dark Horizon Records and their second album was released by Dutch Neurotic Records. Now they are signed to Swedish Carnal Records (also known for Craft and Arckanum). 'The Channeling Void' is the best SauroN album so far. There's more variation in their music than before, but the brutal aggression from the early days is still audible and hasn't disappeared, luckily enough. The influences from some projects in which the members are involved, like Planet AIDS, Bunkur and Abysmal Darkening, seem to audible on this record. These influences are not only to be heard in the slow down parts, but also in the arrangements. Just listen to the intro, or the weird effects in 'Secrets Divine', for instance. They give this certain amount of creepy atmosphere to this excellent album. This is apocalyptic black metal in its purest form, far better than the Dutch average.

85/100 (Fr)

Label : Carnal Records
Style : Brutal Black Metal
Sortie : Février 2007

A ne pas confondre avec les six autres groupes qui existent déjà, Sauron est un groupe de black metal qui nous vient de la Hollande. Formé en 1997, le groupe compte aujourd'hui quatre membres et de toute évidence, je ne vous apprendrai rien en vous disant que ces derniers se sont inspirés des écrits de Tolkien pour dénicher leur nom de groupe. De plus, il n'y rien d'extraordinaire là-dedans, étant donné qu'une foule de groupes ont fait la même chose avant eux. Après deux albums, Sauron resurgit avec The Channeling Void, premier opus produit par Carnal Records (Arckanum, Craft, Shaarimoth, etc.).

Comme son nom l'indique, le black metal exercé par Sauron ne révolutionne pas le genre. Dès le premier morceau, "Know My Word Is His", introduit par des chants grégoriens et des nappes de synthétiseur inversant l'atmosphère douce et apaisante que devraient dégager les chants religieux, on sait ce qui nous attend. Le black metal de Sauron est malsain, dégueulasse, chaotique et brutal. Brutal dans la mesure où la batterie blastant à tout va, règne en maître dans cet opus et qu'à l'opposé de celle-ci, les passages mid-tempos sont indéniablement minoritaires. D'ailleurs, ces passages ne sont pas sans rappeler Immortal.
D'autre part, certains morceaux combinant brutalité et malsainité me font songer au groupe culte norvégien Gorgoroth et notamment à son Under a Sign of Hell. L'influence gorgorothienne devient criante dans ce qui serait, selon moi, le morceau le mieux balancé de l'album, à savoir "Crowning the Swarm", avec les guitares fantastiques de la fin... Par ailleurs, à l'écoute de The Channeling Void, l'aspect féroce et agressif des morceaux pourrait éventuellement nous faire penser à des groupes de black metal brutaux plus traditionnels tels que 1349 et même, pour le coup, Dark Funeral.

Avec des riffs difficiles d'accès au premier abord, un chant black très conventionnel et une vélocité pugnace qui plairont aux amateurs de black metal brutal, le troisième album de Sauron, sans conteste influencé par les groupes scandinaves, a ses qualités. En revanche, en dépit des bons riffs et de l'ambiance malsaine que nous procurent cet album, ceux qui sont en quête de groupes à la personnalité très forte resteront probablement de marbre à l'écoute de cette galette.

Note : 7 / 10 (IT)


Avevamo già ampiamente ben parlato, con tanto di intervista, di questa realtà olandese in occasione del loro secondo album uscito ormai quasi tre anni fa. Firmato un contratto con un etichetta più rinomata come la Carnal Records, con “The Channeling Void”, la band cerca di fare il definitivo salto di qualità. Di certo si tratta di un buon lavoro; oscuro, maligno e distruttivo, tuttavia a livello qualitativo rimaniamo sui livelli del debutto. Il ché non è un male, ma i Sauron sembravano poter essere in grado di fare il salto di qualità che li potesse proiettare nell’olimpo del genere. La cosa per ora non gli è ancora riuscita, però c’è da riconoscere a loro un gran pregio: la grande abilità nell’incanalare negatività nella propria musica: senza dubbio “The Channeling Void” è un disco che colpisce per cattiveria e potenza oscura.
Molto bravi anche i singoli componenti: il cantante dal punto di vista interpretativo con urli disumani che raggiungono il cervello; il batterista per la tecnica e la velocità (cosa rara la prima in ambito black metal); i chitarristi per i suoni oscuri e zanzarosi delle chitarre nonché per la ricercatezza dei loro riff, mai banali e sempre gelidi.
Insomma un disco perfetto se si parla di black metal, di quello brutale e distruttivo. Se vogliamo cercare un difetto è l’originalità che manca, nonostante i nostri si impegnino discretamente sotto l’aspetto compositivo. Il loro tentativo è quello di emulare i moderni mostri sacri del genere, il riferimento è specialmente rivolto alla nuova scena svedese ed in generale al black metal oltranzista degli ultimi tempi, che pur rispettando le tematiche e i suoni delle origini, cerca di creare un insieme se vogliamo più colto e ricercato, ma forse per raggiungere questo obiettivo i Sauron devono ancora lavorare. Ad ogni modo si tratta di un bel disco, fra l’altro con un layout fantastico, il ché non guasta, ancora ottimo lavoro sotto questo aspetto della Carnal, etichetta che pubblica pochi lavori selezionati, ma sempre di qualità. (S)

SAURON (HOL) - The Channeling Void (CD, Carnal Records 2007)

From the pessimistic melodicism of Dissection to abysmal Marduk-like relentlessness, Swedish metal often has a certain sound which makes it identifiable as such. Sauron fit most of the characteristics implied by this category, except that the band hails from the Netherlands. Perhaps the Necromorbus production aids in such a perception- still, the musical credentials are strong enough for this band to stand without associations to other entities. Vocals are a demented howl flanked by thematically united but dynamic instrumentalism, which perversely proves to be all the more oppressing on the listener because of this, especially during devices like the baffling progression of tempo on 'Secrets Divine' or the wobbling drone in 'Cognosce Semitas Meas'.

Treble-laden sequences in slower rhythms highlight central areas of songs as reflective moments in otherwise hectic rush-hour pandemonia, while 'The Great Destroyer', which lyrically utilizes biblical fragments to expose the malevolence of the god from the desert, moves in epic motion to culminate in victorious fashion at the beginning of '7', and is consequently the best sounding part on this album.

The reviewer found some songs to be unnecessarily saturated with vocal performance, where a simple chord progression would have been sufficient, but Sauron otherwise structure songs that are concise and enjoyable, while being not too fussy at it (in a way which befits the music, of course). The subdued 'grand' vocals echoing classic Mayhem (in song 'Crowning The Swarm') would probably benefit from more prominence in future recordings. Drumming deserves special mention for an incessant assault which never sounds chaotic, except when chaos is the intent, until the last of the music fades out again into the opening ambience.

OOR magazine (NL)


Sauron zet ons met opener 'Know My Word Is His' op het verkeerde been. Net
toen we dachten te weten wat de Tilburgse black metalband zoal bezighield,
krijgen we een track voorgeschoteld zonder blastbeats en zonder snelle
riffs. Het lijkt wel alsof het duistere zijproject van bassist Herr Aids
(Planet Aids) er model voor heeft gestaan. Maar ook wanneer de band zich
vanaf opvolger 'Crowning The Swarm' weer op een mix van knetterende
drumpartijen, zoemende gitaren en raspend gekrijs richt, blijft er sprake
van een koerswijziging.
Het nieuwe materiaal klinkt nog steeds kil, koud en agressief. Toegenomen zijn de gelaagdheid van de nummers en de variatie in tempo’s, ongeveer zoals die te horen zijn bij 1349, Watain en (oude) Dark Funeral. Hierdoor overstijgt 'The Channeling Void' zijn drie voorgangers en geven de leden van Sauron aan waarom juist zij recht hebben op de bandnaam, en niet de gelijknamige groepen uit Argentinië en Polen.


Vampire magazine (NL)

Written by Dave Waite on Saturday 24 March, 2007. Last updated on Saturday 24 March, 2007

Fuck me! Some bands really know where to hit you where it hurts with their all-out bouts of aural terror, yet not many can cause as much indescribable pain and lasting damage as Dutch "Apocalyptic Black Metal" act Sauron. Starting their unholy war in ’96 out of the ashes of the bands Melech and Satyr, they recorded their debut demo "Death...Tyranny... War...Blasphemy" in ’99 and shortly after released their self-financed MCD "True Hate Embodiment", which resulted in the band touring with the likes of Carpathian Forest, Destroyer 666 and Urn in 2001. Since then the band have released two full length’s "Universe Of Filth" (2003) and "For A Dead Race" (2004) and now, after signing to Carnal Records (SWE), have finally unleashed new album "The Channeling Void" here in 2007.

“The Channeling Void” is an axe to the groin for all those who considered Sauron’s previous material unfocused and rather one-dimensional, as they continue to mercilessly rip your face off with eight bursts of some the most gleefully ferocious black metal you could possibly imagine. More varied in structuring and dynamic than their previous assaults, the new material sees the band taking on an almost epic quality with dark, ice-cold melodies permeating through the core of this dense musical nightmare. The overly treble-heavy production does nothing to hinder the razor-sharp riffing, blasting drums and blasphemous screams of tracks like"Secrets Divine" and "7" relentlessly yet exhilaratingly hammering the senses into a bloody, black mess.

For the most part “The Channeling Void” is all tenth gear stuff with the relentless blast beats seeming to hit you harder and harder as the album wares on. Never getting too repetitive, this technique serves to aid rather than hinder and gives this album the unforgiving, even uncomfortable quality that makes this material work so well. With the songs being longer and with much more to them “The Channeling Void” is an album that needs to be listened to in its entirety, and admittedly does take a few listens to fully soak in. When fully absorbed, however, there is a stunning realization that Sauron have perhaps created one of the most engaging black metal albums you are likely to hear this year and one that will no doubt be in many an underground scribes top ten poll. Amazing stuff. (NL)

SauroN - The Channeling Void
Carnal Records - 2007

Echt goeie black metal van Nederlandse bodem is schaars. Zo schaars dat de toppers uit ons land eigenlijk maar op de vingers van een hand te tellen zijn. SauroN is zo'n band die al een paar jaar tot deze "vingers" behoort en de band komt nu met hun derde full-length album op de proppen: The Channeling Void.

Nou ben ik zelf een beetje bekend met hun debuut Universe of Filth: een goeie black metal plaat, maar een beetje dertien in een dozijn en ook kwalitatief kon het allemaal wat beter. For A Dead Race uit 2004 was zeker qua nummers een stap voorwaarts, maar SauroN's voorlopige hoogtepunt ligt hier nu voor me! Godver, de band klinkt anno 2007 kwaadaardiger dan ooit en ook zijn de mannen er qua songwriting enorm op vooruit gegaan! De plaat begint met een onheilspellend intro waarop het nummer Know My Word Is His losbarst. Alhoewel losbarst, verrassend genoeg ligt het tempo in het begin erg laag, iets wat ik bij deze band niet zo snel had verwacht. Ze zijn echt bezig geweest hun sound nog spannender te maken en dat is hun zeer zeker gelukt. Uiteraard is het trage tempo maar van korte duur en voert "Blast-phemer" Ludas al snel het tempo omhoog. Blastbeats zijn dan ook zeker weer voor een groot deel bepalend op dit album, maar de kille slepende stukken waar ze af en toe mee komen aanzetten, voegen wel degelijk een extra dimensie toe.
Qua stijl zit de band ergens tussen Marduk, Gorgoroth, Mayhem en 1349 in en hoor ik tijdens het openingsnummer af en toe zelfs een onderhuidse Kampfar-achtige gitaarpartij voorbij komen. Het knappe aan dit album is dat de verschillende invloeden op een nagenoeg perfecte manier zijn samengesmeed to een geheel. Het geheim zit 'm in de dubbellaagse gitaarriffs die elkaar prachtig aanvullen en dit alles wordt door creatieve baslijnen, de genadeloze screams van Eclipse en de lekker smerige, rauwe productie ondersteund.

Nou is het ook weer niet zo dat SauroN hiermee alle vaderlandse black metal albums mijlenver achter zich laat. Nee, want ook bands als Cirith Gorgor en Fluisterwoud hebben al laten horen makkelijk mee te kunnen met bijvoorbeeld de Noorse en Zweedse grootheden. Wat wel vast staat is dat The Channeling Void zeker bij de liefhebbers van nihilistische, compromisloze black metal gewoon onder de letter S in de kast moet staan.

86/100 (Robert de Leeuw) (NL)

Jaar van release: 2007
Label: Carnal Records

Met The Channeling Void heeft Sauron wederom een zwart metalen krachtpatser losgelaten op het black metal minnend publiek. Het via Carnal Records (dat ook bands als Craft en Arckanum onder contract heeft staan) uitgekomen album is tot nu toe de meest afwisselende schijf van dit misanthropische gezelschap.

Waar de band in het verleden vaak naast Marduk neergezet werd, lijkt deze vergelijking hedentendage niet meer op te gaan. Sauron heeft een vrij eigen sound ontwikkeld, waar binnen het black metal geweld dat op de luisteraar wordt afgevuurd de nodige ruimte is voor lichte nuances die pas opvallen bij het vaker luisteren van het album. Natuurlijk beschikt The Channeling Void over het nodige blastgeweld, echter gaat men ook wat epischer te werk en zijn de nummers langer uitgesponnen. Nummers als het hysterische en verstorende Secrets Divine en het afsluitende Cognose Semitas Meas laten zien tot welke veelzijdigheid Sauron in staat is.

De productie van The Channeling Void is vrij gruizig uitgevallen, vooral op het gebied van de gitaren en de zang. De band creëert hierbij een lekker ouderwets en smerige sfeer, zonder echter oudbakken te klinken. Sauron biedt ons op The Channeling Void weer duidelijk black metal kwaliteit van de bovenste plank. Het is het tot nu toe meest volwassen en uitgewerkte album van de band.

Score: 84 / 100

Reviewer: Jan
Toegevoegd: 24 maart 2007

Lords of Metal (NL)

Sauron - TheChanneling Void
Carnal Records

archiveer onder Black metal

Richard G.: Ruim twee jaar geleden leverden de zwartkijkers van Sauron met 'For A Dead Race' al een erg overtuigend misantropisch product af. Met de derde en nieuwe schijf 'The Channeling Void' consolideren de Tilburgers hun positie aan de top van de Nederlandse black metal scene. Op alle fronten is de band weer een stuk gegroeid, resulterend in simpelweg nog betere en vooral nog smerigere nummers.

Het gitaargeluid is ten opzichte van 'For A Dead Race' ranziger, maar tegelijkertijd ook duidelijker, dankzij een betere productie. Vooral op het gebied van de tempo's heeft de band alles strak onder controle. Of het nu verwoestend snel is of tergend, bijna doomy, langzaam, alles komt voorbij en wordt vakkundig aan elkaar gebreid. Belangrijkste effect hiervan is dat het spook van verveling en eentonigheid wordt geweerd. Sauron overtreft zichzelf weer en levert met 'The Channeling Void' een black metal schijf van de bovenste plank af.

Score: 84/100 (toelichting)

Violent Moshground zine (NL)

Sauron – The Channeling Void

De derde plaat van onze Tilburgse kornuiten van Sauron klinkt voor mij persoonlijk beter dan hun voorgangers. Sauron produceert op dit album een sfeer die mij wel aanspreekt. Dit is ook niet gek want het nieuwe album van deze Tilbo’s ligt in het straatje van de oude Bathory en Darkthrone. Duister, kil en meedogenloos. Ook muzikaal gaan deze heren steeds meer vooruit, en ondanks dat de jongens in menig andere bands spelen is dit album 1 van de betere blackmetal platen van Nederlandse bodem geworden. Ook is het noemenswaardig dat de band sinds het ontstaan nog steeds in dezelfde line-up speelt. Fans van oldschool blackmetal van eind jaren 80 en begin jaren 90 zullen veel luisterplezier beleven aan dit album. Deze plaat spreekt mij des te meer omdat de blastbeats niet zo nadrukkelijk meer aanwezig zijn en dat de sfeer ten goede komt. Sauron levert hier een plaat af waar ze trots op kunnen zijn!


Patchman Marco (NL)

And the hate against humanity goes on. The Dutch band Sauron delivers their third full battle. After 10 years the band can be called as one of the best band in the Dutch black metal scene. The first thing that I noticed was that this is not only their third full-length album, but also their third label. This time Carnal Records get the honour to release The Channeling Void.

The black metal of Sauron is filthy, agressive and above all furious. With The Channeling Void, the band delivers their best album so far. After a ominous intro, all hell breaks loose. The biggest difference with its predecessors is that on this album not only the compositions are stronger but also take back speed sometimes, without losing any brutality. It even creates a more evil and creepy atmosphere. This is a pleasant happening. It keeps the album varied between all the razing violence. Also the production is exact what this album needs: raw and filthy.

With bands like Sauron, it’s worth to support the local (read Dutch) black metal scene.

Rating: 86 /10

Sanguis (Sweden)

SauroN - The channeling void CD
Genre: Black metal
Origin: The Netherlands
Released: 2007
Website: SauroN
Label: Carnal Records
Uploaded: 05.04.07

This is the third fullength by SauroN, but my first listen. From what I understand they’ve developed quite a lot, but then again I’m not the right guy to judge since I haven’t heard any earlier material. What I can tell you is that this is an incredibly hate filled black metal assault.
Blazing fast, tight-as-hell, blasting drums accompanied by slick, slicing riffs and a frenzied screaming vocalist. The bass is lurking in the background, adding a heavy and more brutal touch, while the guitars are more in your face, delivering an icy and ripping sound. But the first thing I notice is without a doubt the drums, which is set in such blazing speed right from the get go. SauroN do however slow things down every now and then, but never letting go of the ferocity and hateful atmosphere. The whole ‘hate’ things is emphasized by the combining of the vocals and lyrics, which together paints the picture of a world about to sink into eternal darkness, go up in flames and be overrun by maggots and filth, ruled by the lord of terror, himself.

The Channeling Void reminds me a lot of the French scene of the late 90ies, much like I’ve felt for the later Marduk albums. It has the same extreme hatefilled and brutal sound and boundary pushing musicianship of acts such as Antaeus and Arkhon Infaustus. SauroN keeps one foot steady in the old school and the other one firmly in the forefront of battle, making this raging album extremely punishing.

85/100 (Sweden)

Sauron - The Channeling Void

Holland bjuder på 45 minuters ondska!

Saurons The Channeling Void bjuder på 8 spår riktigt bra blackmetal.

Sauron påminner lite om Dark Funeral ibland, små saker här och där man reagerar på. Men eftersom det är sällan och lite är det inget som drar ner betyget på den här kanonplattan. Ljudet är kanon och sången är fan ännu bättre!

Det här är första gången jag hör Sauron och jag blir imponerad, bandet bildades 1996 i Holland. The Channeling Void är Saurons tredje fullängdare. Plattan bjuder på ondska för alla smaker. Är väl kanske bandnamnet som bjuder på en bitter smak i gommen... The Channeling Void har dom spelat in på hemma plan. Den är mixad av Necromombus här i kära Sverige.
Mitt favoritspår är Secrets Divine, den innehåller det där lilla extra som man väntat på under dom två första spåren.
Inga omvägar, utan rakt på! Precis som det skall vara. Skön platta som funkar i de flesta tillfällen. Festen, surfen, disken. Ja den passar vid alla tillfällen!

Av: Andreas Pettersson

6 from 7 points (artwork, production, playing skills, total)

Fast translation:
Sauron plays really good BM.
Reminds a bit of Dark Funeral here and there.
The album is great, great sound, great vocals, great drumming.
The reviewer is impresed by the music but not so found of the name SauroN.
Best track 'Secrets Divine' it contains the "little extra", due to the effetcs on the song.
In total, no turns, just straight forward BM. Works every time!

6 from 7 points (artwork, production, playing skills, total) (Romania)

Sauron - The Channeling Void

Harmadik nagylemezehez erkezett a holland Sauron (nem tevesztendo ossze az amerikai Sauronnal), immaron a Carnal Records egisze alatt jelentetve meg a korongot. Erdekes egy felallasa van a bandanak, hiszen szamos tag (mas alneveken termeszetesen) olyan bandakban is erdekelt, mint a zsenialis Bunkur, vagy a szinten funeral doom/drone Planet AIDS, vagy az ismertebb Flesh Made Sin. Pusztito black metal a stilus neve, termeszetesen ahogy az mar elvarhato egy 10 eve tevekenykedo bandatol, a jobbik fajtabol. Svedes black metalt nyomatnak, korai Dark Funeral is beugrott egy-ket temanal, de aki az elso lemezes Watainra eskuszik, de sokat hallgatja a Funeral Mist-et, az biztosan majd nagyon fogja ertekelni a Sauront is.

Tomeny hangorkan tor elo a hangfalakbol, pusztito szelvesz tempok, kozben belassulasok valtjak egymast es a Necromorbus Studionak kszonhetoen az egesz megis jol elvezheto es megsincs tulcsiszolva, pont ugy szol, ahogy kell egy ilyen tipusu lemez szoljon, eroteljesen, agressziven es megis kelloen tisztan. A szovegek is jol megvannak irva, erdemes attanulmanyozni a bookletet, az ev egyik kellemes meglepetese igy 2007 elejen, en sokat fogom meg hallgatni az is biztos!

-Mirgilus- 8/10 (BE)

Sauron, I remember their first demo works (Ludas sent us many years ago) and now they strike back with their third full-length, this time on the Swedish label Carnal Records (both previous albums were released by Dark Horizon and Neurotic). With «The Channeling Void», Sauron continue along the exact same path as their «For a Dead Race» released some three years ago. This is what I regard as a very enjoyable black metal album (I really don’t know if I can use the word enjoyable here), Sauron stand for very rhythmic panzer black metal with almost militaristic bass/drums foundations, insane screamed growling and some elements of brutal death metal. Even if most of the songs contain the same basic (in your face) make up, there is always a lot of unexpected variety (with some melodic touches here and there) in the structures. The Dutch band has an incredibly intense approach and shall delight tons of lunatics of the Panzer Division.

IN EXTREMIS radioshow & newsletter (Fr)

SAURON - the channeling void cd / Carnal

Et un de plus à avoir recours au très mode Necromorbus studio. A mon humble avis, l'antre suédoise ne va tarder à connaître le même revers de la médaille que le surexploité Abyss des frangins Tägtgren. Ah que le monde du métal est fatigant. Dès qu'une poignée de groupes créent un son commun, faut toujours que des centaines d'autres prennent le pli et suivent la tendance la tête dans le guidon… surtout si la dite tendance fait du chiffre (ça augmente les candidats de manière exponentielle, z'aurez remarqué). Tu parles de rebelles ! Toujours est-il que ce 3ème album des hollandais Sauron est hautement appréciable dans un trip black-metallesque furieusement rapide et tout malsain. Le groupe empiétant sans gène sur les plates-bandes d'un Watain / Dark Funeral certes, mais il le fait avec soin, et ce coté appliqué des bons élèves face aux maîtres qu'il vénère. 8 titres mêlant adroitement une vitesse d'exécution cataclysmique à des riffs aussi vicieux qu'un dentiste qui vient de trouver le point sensible de ta molaire (… z'êtes sûr que c'est là que ça fait mal ? Non non, j'ai les yeux plein de larmes mais j'hésite encore. Bon je vais rappuyer discrètement alors pour être sûr et certain…). Un subtil coté mélodique utilisé comme chez Merrimack, une inextinguible tendance à blaster sur tout ce qui bouge à la Corpus Christi, voilà le skeud type très tendance. Aucune personnalité mais du fiel à revendre au kilo.

4/5 (Sweden)

Sauron was born out of the ashes of such bands as Melech and Satyr 1996, three years alter their first demo was unleashed, since then they have released one MCD, one split and three full-lengths, this being their most recent release. Sauron plays Black Metal, pretty straight forward stuff, harsh and cold and very aggressive. Most of the time this is music based around blastbeats, but there are several interesting and intricate tempo-changes, there are quite a few mid-paced to slow parts, but they manage to always remain aggressive and hateful. There are also some, shall we say, semi-melodic parts scattered all over the recording, which spices up the brutality of this recording without loosing any of it. I haven’t heard their second album but I have their first and I must say that this is big step forward from that album, they have grown as musicians between those two recordings. To give you a small idea of what Sauron sounds like, think the current, what is known as Swedish Orthodox Black Metal scene. Thinks bands like Watain, Ondskapt, Heresi and Funeral Mist, combined with some parts of the French scene, Antaeus springs to mind. That might give you an inkling of what Sauron sounds like. Buy this if you are into, cold, well played Black Metal with a clear message and agenda.


SauroN - The Channeling Void

When we have a Carnal Records release before our eyes, we can´t expect nothing but music strongly uncompromising and honest, according to the ranks shown in the catalogue edited by these Swedish label so far. Sauron is another bandname inspired by Tolkien´s universe, unlike the band´s brutality is distant from epic bombastic sounds. Certainly, raw and apocalyptic black metal is what we find under this file. Unrelenting patterns and solid guitar textures are the foundations of Sauron´s blend of metal. So eyeless guardians and similar things are not the issue here... Massive and harsh in the arrangements and execution, though endowed with a respectable production, this collection of songs may become a bit demanding for an average black metal listener. This is very tough metal, fuzzy at times but ear-destroyer as hell with its fast lines, desvastating mid tempos, crushing blastbeats and killer shrieks. The mass of the sound conforms a solid monster that might submerge the listener into a violent whirlwind of dark emotions, embellished by subtle but audible tricks that enrich the whole. The sensation of unity is certainly strong, effectively achieved through a collection of melodies linked to create an overwhelming chaos harmony, a soundtrack for apocalypse. Melodies are not the easy kind but rather far-from-earth, as if the creator would taunt the listener or lure him into the unfathomable world of turmoil through these sonic gimmicks. Neither too melodic nor too repetitive, that no man´s land is easily trodden by Sauron to perform their brand of atmospheric music. Chaos is again successfully portrayed in music under this band.

8 / 10

written by Fjordi (USA)

SAURON - The Channeling Void

SauroN plays Apocalyptic Black Metal, this is the perfect title to label them, The Channeling Void is the new album from SauroN and this stuff is literally armageddous in all degress. The instruments are raw, painful, and gritty with each thrusting output. Herr AIDS on bassquakes, Sunless on deathsaw, Ludas on blasphemy, and Eclipse on vocals and deathsaw make up the line-up on The Channeling Void.

Council of the Impious (Vicarius Filii Dei), is full on blasting Black Metal fronm the deepest abyss of hell, guitars rage ahead at ear and demonic mind splitting speed, with the surrounding atmosphere chaotic and frightening as hell. Ludas does his non-stop blasting on the drums, as the beats sound like twenty M-16's firing endlessly at one time. Deformed Source of Creation contains guitars that repeat numerous times in my head even when I am done listening to the CD, the riffs are memorable and distinct. SauroN close out The Channeling Void on a good note, with the fast-blaster Doom Metal fringed Cognosce Semita Meas.

The Channeling Void was recorded and mixed at Double Noise Studios in Tilburg, Netherlands and mastered at Necromorbus Studio in Sweden, but really I can't tell because the album overall still sounds raw in all musical areas including the vocals, and this is a good thing. If you like your Black Metal raw, fast, and gritty then pick up this album, but to be on the more curious side I will go back and check out the prior albums by SauroN, Universe of Filth and For A Dead Race, because The Channeling Void is growing on me more and more with each listen. SauroN also proves that Black Metal does not need to have a glossy production, but one that's grim, raw, and venomous.

8.5 / 10


SAURON - The Channeling Void

It appears that there is more in the Dutch air than the pungent sweet aroma of marijuana, as Sauron are the latest in an increasingly strong line of black metal bands from this minute northern land. Like their compatriots, Sauron do not figure prominently in the originality department, but compensate through an intense and engaging interpretation.
Do not be fooled by the band name; this is proper black metal, not some castrated twerp who has yet to abandon his adolescent fascination with hobbits and other assorted nonsense. Judging from the few bits I have heard from their previous two albums, Sauron have improved noticeably, as the compositions are more potent, with a greater attention paid to detail. The guitar tone is deliciously sleazy and raw, and there is a definite Mayhem influence present in the manner in which Sauron are able to create an astounding atmosphere without resorting to acoustic guitars or keyboards -- not as easy to do as one may have thought. It does take a while to get into; I initially dismissed it as a rather boring and dull entrant, but became more engaged over the course of several listens as its nuances and intricacies were exposed.

Countess, Fluisterwoud, Galgeras, Haatstrijd, Weltbrand and now Sauron -- has the Dutch black metal scene ever been this strong?

Q. Kalis

8 / 10 (IT)

The Channelling Void
Etichetta: Carnal Records
Anno: 2006
Durata: 45 min
Genere: black metal

Con il nuovo album degli olandesi Sauron, "The Channeling Void", la Carnal Records si dimostra ancora una volta un'etichetta attenta ed affidabile in abito black.
Il gruppo ha una lunga storia alle spalle, iniziata nel 1996 dalle ceneri di una band chiamata Melech. Il primo demo, "Death... Tyranny... War... Blasphemy" è stato pubblicato nel 1999, seguito a ruota dal MCD autoprodotto True Hate Embodiment". Da quel momento, i Sauron hanno intrapreso un'attività live che li ha portati a suonare in giro per l'Europa a fianco di gruppi importanti (Carpathian Forest, Destroyer 666...). La fama crescente ha calamitato l'attenzione di svariate etichette discografiche, intenzionate a promuovere la loro musica: "Universe Of Filth", il primo album, è uscito nel 2003 per la Dark Horizon Records, "For A Dead Race" è stato pubblicato dalla Neurotic Records e, infine, "The Channeling Void" porta il marchio della Carnal Records.
La veste grafica del nuovo CD, curata sotto ogni aspetto, non lascia dubbi sull'ideologia dissacrante del gruppo, prima ancora di sentire la musica.
Le otto canzoni presenti sono minacciose, malvagie e furiose. Il black metal dei Sauron, ispirato dalla scena norvegese e svedese, unisce assalti velocissimi e bestiali, a tratti quasi isterici, sezioni cadenzate, opprimenti e morbose e alcune melodie fredde e desolate. Troviamo brani improntati soprattutto sulla velocità ("Crowing The Swarm", "Secrets Divine"), mentre altri ("The Great Derstroyer") sono decisamente più striscianti e malsani. Ne consegue che "The Channeling Void" è un album abbastanza vario e per questo non stanca dopo pochi ascolti, anche perché il quartetto riesce ad esprimersi all'altezza in entrambe le situazioni.
La voce è uno scream abbastanza classico, però in alcuni frangenti il cantante Eclipse si lancia in grida torturate e sofferenti che conferiscono alle canzoni un'aura ancor più sinistra e pessimista. I riff non hanno granché di originale, d'altra parte si tratta di un genere sostanzialmente tradizionalista; la batteria è molto veloce e precisa e frappone tempi ultra dilatati (ascoltate il finale di "Cognosce Seminas Meas", che coincide anche con la fine dell'album) a blastbeat arrembanti.
I Sauron dimostrano di non comporre secondo uno schema prestabilito, lo testimonia una composizione lunga ed articolata come "7", nella quale convivono diverse atmosfere. Ci sono alcune influenze evidenti, ad esempio "Deformed Source Of Creation" risente molto dei Dark Funeral, tuttavia il gruppo non lesina alcune scelte personali, dimostrando una discreta maturità e buone doti compositive.
La produzione per certi versi è caratteristica. I suoni sono selvaggi, un po' caotici nelle parti più brutali ma tutto sommato non scade mai nella confusione. Buona anche l'esecuzione, in particolare il batterista Ludas dimostra di essere assai veloce e sufficientemente preciso.
"The Channeling Void" è dunque un buon album, privo di punti deboli. Le canzoni sono intense, violente ed efferate, ma anche tetre e angoscianti. Purtroppo mancano dei veri e propri capolavori, non credo che nessuno di questi brani verrà consegnato alla storia. Ad ogni modo, l'apocalittica "Secrets Divine" e la splendida "Council Of The Impious (Vicarius Filii Dei)" da sole sono comunque sufficienti a ripagarvi dell'acquisto.

(BRN - Maggio 2007)

Voto: 7.5 / 10

AÑO: 2007

“The Channeling Void” es el tercer disco de los holandeses Sauron, formados en 1996 y surgidos de las cenizas de otras dos bandas de black metal holandesas, Melech y Satyr. Después de algunas demos debutaron con el MCD “True Hate Embodiment” grabado de forma autofinanciada en el año 2000, y que les valió para girar por su país con bandas de gran reputación como Carpathian Forest, Destroyer 666 o Urn y para que un pequeño sello Dark Horizon Records se fijara en ellos y les financiara su debut oficial. De esta manera en el 2003, debutaron con “Universe Of Filth” resultando nuevamente en la posibilidad de girar con bandas del calibre de Satyricon o Khold.

En el 2004 firmaron un nuevo contrato con el sello Neurotic Records para la edición de su segundo disco oficial, titulado “For a Dead race” que vería la luz ese mismo año. Tras tres años de silencio vuelven a la carga con “Channeling the Void”, esta vez respaldado por el sello sueco Carnal Records. El trabajo fue grabado en los estudios Double Noise de Tilburg (Holanda) y masterizado en los estudios Necromorbus y está compuesto por 8 temas de crudo y blasfemo black metal.

Su estilo como ya he dicho es un crudo, frío y primitivo black metal, con muy buenas atmósferas, oscuras y depresivas, conseguidas sin la utilización de teclados, guitarras acústicas o cualquier otro elemento extra que podáis imaginar, que siempre facilita la consecución de atmósferas. Como influencias claras de la banda podríamos citar cualquiera de los grupos nórdicos de principios de los 90, ya sea Mayhem, los primeros Marduk o como no, los inigualables Darkthrone.

Temas basados en numerosos blastbeats y algún que otro medio tiempo, con una voz terrorífica llena de gritos, dolor y agonía, causante principal de las buenas atmósferas del disco, que desprenden en todo momento una aureola de terror continuo. Tras un pequeño intro de cantos eclesiásticos para meter al oyente en situación, no tardan en encadenarse la guerra. “Know My Word Is His” empieza con ritmos lentos, que recuerdan mucho a aquellos Marduk del “Those of the Unlight”, ayudados por algún que otro sample de campanas para aumentar la oscuridad de la atmósfera creada en estos primeros compases. No tardan en llegar los ritmos rápidos y afilados de guitarra con blastbeats continuos y un sensacional trabajo de su batería a los platillos.

Si el primer tema me recordaba a los primeros Marduk, “Crowning The Swarm”, guarda sus mismas estructuras, tiempos y la forma de cantar del vocalista (a ráfagas), de hecho me recuerda a un tema en concreto que no soy capaz de identificar. Continuos blastbeats sin descanso, nada de medios tiempos y de nuevo una fantástica interpretación del batería, por su velocidad, técnica a los platillos y su variedad de ritmos.
“Secrets Divine” contiene los ritmos de guitarra más raros que he visto jamás en el black metal, por su particular distorsión de guitarra en algunos momentos que ofrece una oscuridad y maldad inusitada incrementada también por algunos gritos del vocalista Eclipse.. En “Council Of The Impious (Vicarius Filii Dei)” hay un pequeño descanso de blastbeats para ofrecernos un pasaje central de ritmos lentos con voces agonizantes francamente destructivo.

A partir de ahí nada que no se haya escuchado en los temas anteriores, salvo en el tema “7”, que contiene un pasaje plenamente doom, con voces apocalípticas y los ritmos más lentos y cansinos del trabajo. Con estas palabras que nadie piense que el disco no invita a la escucha completa, porque estaría completamente equivocado. A pesar de que la fórmula sea la misma, la variedad de riffs es excelente, y los temas no pueden considerarse clones unos de otros.

Black metal destructivo e incesante, crudo, frío, repleto de blastbeats, con una voz agonizante y pequeños descansos con ritmos más lentos y atmosféricos. Si te gustan Darkthrone, los primeros Marduk de “Dark Endless” o “Those of the Unlight”, este disco no te va a defraudar. Eso sí, que nadie espere teclados, ni cualquier otro elemento que no sea puramente destructivo! Si ya has escuchado estos holandeses y no te acabaron de convencer, dales una segunda oportunidad con esta tercera entrega, porque su progresión ha sido notable.

Puntuacion del autor: 82/100



Sauron - The Channeling Void

Herr AIDS: Bassquakes
Sunless: Deathsaw
Ludas: Blasphemy
Eclipse: Throat & Deathsaw

Holland has a rather small but significant underground scene and with this release Sauron catapults itself instantly to its upper echelons. Although they started out as a decent but somewhat unspectacular Marduk-like act, they've since grown into their own to a remarkable extent. Yes, they still play a predominantly blasting type of black metal heavily inspired by Sweden's more aggressive acts (with Funeral Mist being perhaps the most obvious one), but any complaints of too much similarity are summarily dismissed after listening to a couple of tracks. If anything they actually sound more intense and focused than their Swedish peers on this record. A far greater deal of thought seems to have gone into the songwriting process than you're likely to hear in any Marduk album (no simple blast-blast-raargh crap here), while on the other hand they don't fuck around with entirely superfluous segments or overly sappy melodious riffs that have infected this type of metal since Dissection reared its ugly head. Indeed, in getting straight to the point they show a particularly Dutch character trait; you get the job done, thoroughly and expertly, and any point you make, you make bluntly and directly.

And, unholy fucking hell, do they make their points bluntly! As bluntly as tank-treads smearing your head to a bloody paste over the concrete. The dual guitars sound thick and heavy, conjuring up wild, unsubtle and extremely dark riffs the entirety of the album, vocalist Eclipse alternating between a hoarse screaming and a more authoritative guttural barking, backed by a surprisingly technical bass-guitar pulse and a titanically massive sounding drumset; no clickety-click machine-aided nonsense here, but pure, primal destruction, each strike on the drums sounding like a bomb-shell tearing up your city. The production has been expertly handled by the guys at Necromorbus' studio (a recurring theme in my recent reviews apparently) and you can rest assured that the sound fits the intent of the album; clear yet very nasty in sound, every instrument (including the bass) getting its chance to contribute to the inferno. Again, even though this album is set to speed ‘blast' for about three-quarters of its duration, the songwriting is intricate enough to keep your attention the whole way through, with not a single second wasted to too much repetition and every devastating riff appearing long enough to leave a lasting impression, with slower, crushing segments providing well-needed breaks between the whirlwind riffing. Also note that while the word ‘blasting' may be used to describe the speed of the drumming, there is thankfully preciously little reliance on the traditional snare-saturated blast-beat technique, with plenty of vicious pummeling and technical fills added to the assault.

There's really little more to add to that. The Channeling Void is monstrously aggressive and destructive for its entire duration, while being intelligent and atmospheric enough to remain engaging for its entire run time of forty-five minutes. If you spit at the current crop of mopey suicidal acts, pseudo-intellectual technical wankfests, and sleep-inducing ‘ambient-black metal' myspace abortions, and have grown similarly weary of the blasturbating grind-core shite passing itself off as aggressive black metal, you'd do well to look into Sauron; they are violence with a brain, wasting not a single note in their effort to lay waste to your senses and destroy you. Recommended with the most extreme prejudice imaginable.

90-100 (Alex Donks)